Watch Talking Circle Online

For a limited time only, you can watch Risa Jaroslow & Dancers in Talking Circle using the video player below. This recording features the May 14th performance of this new work at CounterPulse in San Francisco. 


Concept and Direction: Risa Jaroslow
Co-Creators/Performers: Sharon Dalke, Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Reichert, Cauveri Suresh, Pamela Wu Kochiyama, Erin Yen

Music: Amy X Neuburg

Recorded Instrumentalists: Jessica Ivry (Cello), Erik Pearson (Banjo)

Lighting Design: Allen Willner
Costume Design and Creation: Callie Floor

This performance was presented through CounterPulse’s curated Co-Production Program. Talking Circle was created with support from The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, the Sam Mazza Foundation, the Phyllis C Wattis Foundation, and generous individuals.

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See Talking Circle Performed Live!

​After an incredible two-week run at CounterPulse in May 2022, Talking Circle will be reprised at the Oakland Theater Project in January 2023.