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Coming Spring 2021

In August, I went back to work on the intergenerational project for nine women that I began last fall. With a combination of Zoom and safely distanced outdoor rehearsals, we’ve rehearsed all over – from the San Francisco Panhandle to a dancer’s front yard, a church lawn in Oakland, and the Marina in Emeryville. We are dancing alone and in groups, in small and large spaces, with people, bikes, and cars around us, with masks, and socially distant! The obstacles are leading to discoveries in movement and in our personal and collective resilience.

Though I originally imagined this work in a theater, I have reimagined it as a work to be performed outdoors. We’re planning to present it next spring in three locations in the East Bay and three in SF (details to come). I hope that these free live performances will offer an opportunity to connect with audiences who might not come to a dance performance in a theater, but would watch it in a park in their neighborhood.

This new work is supported by The Kenneth Rainin Foundation & The Sam Mazza Foundation.


The Black (W)hole Film

Coming Early 2021

This powerful performance-turned film honors six young Black people who lost their lives in Oakland before the age of 32.

The Elders Project at Destiny Arts, under my direction, was working with the Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company, and an incredible group of collaborators. Back in March, rehearsals were ramping up in preparation for ten performances of The Black (W)hole at Laney College.

When the performances had to be canceled, the bold decision was made to reimagine the project as a film. All the work up to that point had been documented, so when it became safe to be outside, socially distanced, we finished shooting, and it's now being edited. The Black (W)hole will be a unique docudrama that reflects the life-changing impact of the response to the killing of George Floyd coming on the heels of the pandemic. The feature length film will be released in early 2021. For more information: destinyarts.org/the-black-whole/

Click here to learn more about the Elders Project.

The Elders Project video shoot for the B

The Elders Project video shoot for the Black (W)hole at the Morcom Rose Garden, Oakland