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Just announced: Talking Circle
is available on demand!

Upcoming Events

Talking Circle

Talking Circle Streaming On Demand

Available to stream via Stellar Tickets

January 18 through February 8 @ 11:59pm Pacific Time


Single Ticket (1 person) - $15
Family Ticket (2+ people) - $25

On Demand

After sold-out performances at Oakland Theater Project, Talking Circle is now streaming on demand. Experience a beautifully captured filming of a live performance of Talking Circle from January 12, 2023, made available for three weeks only!


With a multi-generational cast and music by Bay Area vocalist/composer Amy X NeuburgTalking Circle explores the relationship between individual and collective and asks: what will we risk for freedom? Dancers Anna Greenberg, Phoenicia Pettyjohn, Cauveri Suresh and Erin Yen are joined by Pamela Wu Kochiyama and Sharon Dalke of The Elders Project at Oakland's Destiny Arts Center. Additional members of the creative team include lighting designers Allen Willner and Stephanie Johnson and costume designer Callie Floor.

The 2022 performances of Talking Circle, photos by Robbie Sweeny.

“We are thrilled to partner with Risa Jaroslow and the extraordinary dancers in Talking Circle... Talking Circle is a prime example of how our mission to use exquisite theatrical experiences to inspire compassion and forge emotional bonds across difference transcends traditional notions of theater. The dance piece is strikingly beautiful and includes various levels of dancing ‘expertise’ and yet all participants are an equal part of the whole. We can’t wait to share this aesthetically arresting and moving piece with our larger community.” 


Michael Moran, Co-Artistic Director, Oakland Theater Project

"The choreography is full of subtle surprises — a head thrown back at an unexpected angle in relation to the shoulders during a spiral to the floor, a wrist oddly cocked, power poses that morph into sloth poses into pin-up poses. There was so much delicious movement and because the CounterPulse theater is an intimate space, I felt close enough to chew it, to taste it... The piece looked like a community being together through the rise and fall of everyday affects — pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy, solemnity and jocularity. I thought, “Is this a coven? A deconstructed Little Women? Herland?”"

Sima Belmar for "Life as a Modern Dancer"

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